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G Livelab


Yrjönkatu 3, 00120
Helsinki, Finland
ph. +358 44 0223007
em. booking@livelaboratorio.fi


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Date Event Time / Price
Apr26Thu Avishai Cohen Quartet (US/IL) 12:00
May4Fri Olli Ahvenlahti New Quartet 12:00
May9Wed Aili Ikonen 12:00
May23Wed Eero Koivistoinen Quartet 12:00
Jun1Fri Timo Lassy Band 13:00
Jun2Sat Timo Lassy Band 13:00
Jun7Thu Aki Rissanen Trio 12:00

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G Livelab G Livelab is a new chance to experience live music in a context which enables the performance to succeed beyond expectations. We will follow this ethos in practice starting in August 2016. Welcome aboard.

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